Dry Walker as a part of space program

Mar 08, 2021

We are glad to announce that after long and difficult negotiations we finally came to an agreement with a famous and quite eccentric visionary. Therfore X-Track Ultra becomes a crucial part of Mars Colonisation Space Program. As a standard utility martian space boots.

Here is something amazing emerging from the depths of the imagination of our design department. This summer, get ready to meet your destiny. Because let’s be honest, everyone must have them! The new Sharx flip-flops attract the eye with a modern sporty line and surprise with a multitude of applications. Coming soon into our offer!

At some point of our lives we’ve all experienced a stage of puddles jumping fascination. But what would puddle jumping be without the proper equipment? With this in minds, we designed EVA boots specially designed for this purpose. Years of research and measurements in deep pools and wind tunnels have resulted in the creation of perfect mini wellies! Jumpers are not only a professional jumping tool. They are also an universal footwear for the whole year. You can jump on water, mud, snow, sand, grass and even on asphalt! Of course, if you don’t love your children, you don’t have to buy them … Just saying …

With the new year, we present a new, updated offer of our products. New catalog is available for download on the download website section. You will find both, our classic items, and some intriguing novelties in it. We invite you to take a look at our new offer!